Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sample Cover Letter for resume Architecture

Sample Cover Letter for resume Architecture

Good morning,

My name is Diana and I graduated in architecture in January 2013, at the University Federico of London.

Four years ago I started to put my interest  into uncomfortable situations and I increased my implication in  disadvantaged populations. I redefined  my concept of architecture, free from the idea of "expensive so beautiful" that now exists here in Europe.

For this reason I finished my studies with a thesis on a specific neighborhood of the city of Mumbai (India), where I spent three months.

Before my graduation I worked with an Italian Architecture to cooperate on the design and construction of a school for children in the slum of Dacca Valley.

Furthermore, recently, I came back from another experience at the City of the Kolkatta. In this case we dealt with a redevelopment and re-use of land through a system of agriculture into wood cashes.

From these experiences, I learnt that I want to concentrate myself to something else. What most absorbed my energy and my attention were the relations with the local people, their lives, and the opportunity that I had to do something for them.

Working as a team project would be my greatest wish. I have so much enthusiasm, passion and I have learned, through my studies and my work experiences, to always stay in a group and to accept new and different points of view and ways of thinking.

CORE (Company Name) would represent the best possibility to realize my project.

I hope my curriculum vitae can be of any interest for you and I remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing from you,



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