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Dear Mr Jack,

I hope you are doing fine!

I'm writing this email to let you know about your stay with us our host family.

You are going to stay in the flat that is located very near the centre of Córdoba where there are lots of facilities nearby (shops, mall centers, cinemas, restaurants, bars, discos, internet cafés, etc.)

David (1979) lives in this house on his own. He is a teacher at two secondary schools. The flat is very comfortable, with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a terrace.

It is located in one of the principal neighbourhoods near the centre of Cordoba city, close to the Cathedral and the expansive San Martín square.

David's parents are usually in the house. Actually, they have been living there lately.
Also, David has a cat. Please let us know if this would be a problem for you, for example if you are allergic to cats.

Nueva Córdoba is a large, central neighbourhood in Córdoba city, located very close to the State university campus. Many young people live here.

The place is full of shops, pubs, gyms, spas and many other facilities. There is the Parque Sarmiento nearby. This is a large park ideal to go to for a walk and to relax amidst the green.

Many buses pass through this central neighbourhood so you will be well placed and will be able to reach many other areas in and around the city easily. Córdoba Bus Terminal is around this area as well, which makes it very simple to go travelling within the province, the country and even internationally by bus.

The city is surrounded by other towns such as Unquillo and Río Ceballos. You can easily get to these places by bus (45 mins to Unquillo) and they offer many things to do: trekking in the Sierras, polo lessons, horse riding and sun bathing by the river.


David is very friendly and sociable and really enjoys meeting people from other countries and having them in his house.

About your room:
You will be living in a room with one bed. It has all the necessary accompaniments to make you feel comfortable after a long working day.

About the food:
David likes to cook and he will introduce you to the typical food of Argentina.

General advice about living in this accommodation :
David smokes, but he does not mind doing it outside the house.

If you wish to contact David, you can reach him at

I hope this has helped. Let me know if you have any other queries.

Warm Regards,

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