Friday, May 31, 2013

Cover Letter for Assistant Manager Job

Cover Letter for Assistant Manager Job

    To the attention of the Recruitment Office:

    I hope you will consider my application for the position of Assistant
    Manager, as advertised at your organization’s website. I was
    particularly excited to see a position open at your concern, as I
    respect and I believe in your missions and activities.

    I hold a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree in International
    Relations but no education can bring me the enrichment that actual
    experience does. Therefore I am actively pursuing the opportunity
    where I can make a meaningful and worthwhile contribution. After
    taking time to research, I perceive your organization to be the best
    place for me to realize that!

    Reading over the job description for the position, I recognized
    myself. My nature is one of compassion, patience and openness. Through
    community-service activity I have provided assistance to people from
    different origins and a variety of concerns, developing strong
    communication skills. Moreover, I come from a country, Albania, which
    has a long history of difficulties and shortcomings. As a result, I am
    familiar with the challenges associated in laying the foundations for
    education and support initiatives in developing countries. I am eager
    to start being part of these projects because nothing gives me more
    satisfaction than feeling useful to someone in need.

    Should you agree, on consideration of my Résumé, that I have the right
    qualifications, I would enjoy meeting with you for an interview. Thank
    you for your time and consideration.



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